Jamie PeCoy

  • Organization
  • In or around Iowa
  • Aug 28, 2020
Any Auction Set-Up Online Auction Cataloging Inventory Photographer Cashier / Checkout

Personal Summary

I am a collector myself. My best find so far that I'm still hanging on to is a 1982 Coleco Knight Rider pedal car that I just fixed lights on and the voice box. I find and resell or keep for myself if I can create something out of my findings. I love bringing the past back to life and passing it on to someone with the same passion. Pretty much everything I own an/or use is from auctions, yard sales, junk days, antiques passed down from family and sales on social media. 

Work Experience

Cashier, loading/unloading, set up/teardown
Mar 2005 - Aug 2020 Volunteer mostly

Mostly volunteer through friends. Organizing auctions/estate auctions for family. My own selling through yard sales an/or social media. 


Aug 2000 - May 2004