Hannah Rogers

  • Clerk, Cashier, Product Cataloger
  • La Grange, KY, USA
  • Aug 28, 2020
Any Clerk Auction Set-Up Auto Driver Inventory Specialist Auction Load-Out Auction Sales / Contract Negotiator Moving and Transportation Specialist Charity Fundraiser Cashier / Checkout

Personal Summary


I'm Hannah Rogers and I wear many hats. As per my resume I have worked in many different types of management for the last 17 years. I also work as a consultant in a few different fields. I like to stay busy, I like new challenges, I like helping people, and I like stuff!

I started out in vintage and art retail, owning my first official adult business at 21, but I had already been an avid yard-saler, thrifter, junker, rubbernecking roadside picker-upper, and antiquer for many years. I have bought and sold online and in brick and mortar vendor capacities for years.

I have assisted in auctions of many types; farm, estate, charity, and art. 

I'm sober, punctual ( meaning always early), reliable, capable, and eager to serve and please.