Marlisa Fisher

  • Setup and Design
  • Bay Area, CA, USA, Sacramento, CA, Reno, NV AND Tahoe Basin
  • Sep 12, 2020
Any Clerk Auction Set-Up Auto Driver Inventory Specialist Online Auction Cataloging Event Coordinator Inventory Photographer Charity Fundraiser Cashier / Checkout Auction Marketing

Personal Summary

I have many years experience with Estate Liquidity. I have led liquidation sales from initial dust-off of goods to secure wrapping for long distance shipping.  For the past several years I have sourced items as the Buyer, Researcher of harder- to-find home decor items thru finding the niche market to obtain the highest price for these finds. I’ve taken the tattered, torn , rusty throw -aways and turned them into the fine beauties of their origin -so once again, heads turned to capture the exquisite beauty of yesteryear. 

My background in Marketing, design and photography goes hand-in hand with any Auction. Whether in person or online sales, my years of expertise is a resource that always highlights any sales event. 

Managing crews, placing members with their complementary coworker is a specialty; I have a keen sense of streamlining personalities so time is efficient and effective. Ones skill set is better served when a counterparts weakness is the others strength. Matching in this effective way saves time, money and sure gets the job done seamlessly. 

Work Experience

Buyer, Sales, Design
Jun 2016 - Sep 2020 Self

Online and from home sales of used, higher-end and harder to find household goods. Researched, navigated through second hand store, yard sales and online ( Craigslist, Facebook) to find interesting household pieces in which I either could turn over right away or refurbish and sell for a profit.Skills involved: marketing, photography, local/online demand research ( determine what would sell), customer sales, refurbishing tasks ( wood stripping, wood filling, upholstery , metal refinishing) , price point decisions.Hand picking clothing lines primary higher-end- can not refuse deals that would turn a profit.

Think Girl Boss with an in-home furniture twist.

See attached Resume

See attached Resume


Permaculture Design
Sep 2020 - Sep 2009 Grass Valley Permaculture
*See attached Resume