Danny Payne

  • Classic cars
  • Mooresville, NC, USA
  • Feb 20, 2019
Any Auction Set-Up Auto Driver Inventory Specialist

Personal Summary

As detailed in my resume, I have been a people manager and project coordinator my entire working life. I managed and created events for two successful event companies, and have years of varied business related experience working with Hotels & Convention Centers and the Sales staff and hospitality staff that goes with that. I believe my ability to work well with others, resolve conflicts, delegate work to others, manage a crew, develop budgets, set achievable goals and learn new things along the way, make me well suited for a position with your company. I'm very experienced with Hotel contracts such as sleeping rooms, Food & Beverage, meeting space and AV needs. I've been on literally hundreds of site visits around the country, working with hotel/Convention sales staff. I'm experienced in Team Building events, as I have worked with the most successful network marketing companies in the world.
Honesty and loyalty are the two biggest things in my life, both personally and professionally. I am very able bodied to do most tasks. I'm a guy that can fix most issues whether it's an angry customer or a projector that won't work. I've always been a polite person and love helping people. I enjoy solving problems, Think- MacGyver type. I'm a motivator that can teach employees that they "can do it" by examples. My experience in Team Building Seminars has taught me a million ways to motivate employees. "If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life" attitude is everything. Your job should be your passion not a must have. I've always been a glass half full person.
I love to interact with people, I enjoy negotiating and making the deal. I enjoy taking the lead and being the team leader and taking responsibility. I'm a great people manager. I believe everyone has a strength, A single person can be strong but a team is unstoppable.
Along the way, I became an Audio/visual nerd and know how to set up and operate a mixer for microphones, lighting, sound. I'm good with a computer and have done video editing and music production. I'm well versed with Microsoft office and can create Power Points quickly or on the fly as needed. I'm great at finding the right people to fill the jobs needed at events and or parties.
I'm a fast learner and put 100% into my projects or goals. I have a squeaky clean driving record and have no criminal history. I would be happy to pass a drug screening and a background check. I have a current Passport so I am free to travel around the world.

I want to offer my willingness to come to your office for a personal interview and would welcome a phone call to make arrangements. My cell phone number is (503) 747-0447. I am making this job opportunity my priority in the coming weeks. I am available most any day for an interview.
Finally, I want to sincerely thank you for considering my application for a position with your company.

Fondest regards,
Daniel Payne

Work Experience

Buyer/Seller Classic cars
Jan 2017 - Feb 2019 Bucket List Garage LLC

Buying and selling of classic cars via website. 


C.E. ICAR Courses
Jan 1982 - Jan 1999 Bellevue College