Daniel Owens

  • Assisting customers with their purchases and/or loading furniture into customer vehicles
  • Wilmington, NC, USA
  • Mar 06, 2019
As Needed Ringman Auction Security Auction Load-Out Moving and Transportation Specialist

Personal Summary

I have been around auctions since I was young and have a very good understanding of how auctions operate and the rules and regulations involved in auctions 

Work Experience

Jul 2018 - Sep 2018 Stovers Auction Company

I worked for the stovers auction company on 2-3 occasions in an auction environment and then again for liquidation sales. During the auctions I was a ring man and then subsequently I would help customers load their merchandise they purchased into their vehicles. During the tag Sales I helped customers with their purchase by providing information about the item of interest and also making sure that the patrons were only taking away from the sale what they had paid for so a type of security.


Aug 2018 - Jun 2021 New Hanover High School