Greg Fuqua

  • Equipment, Automobiles, Fund Raising, Event Hosting
  • Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Oct 01, 2020
Any Auctioneer Ringman Auction Manager

Personal Summary

I love auctions!  Plain and simple.  I believe the value proposition for live auctions is the ability to engage the crowd on a personal level, and realize a greater result because of it.

I am a seasoned veteran auctioneer, with over 25 years of experience in the heavy equipment, automobile, charity fund raising, and general liquidation industries.  I can think on my feet and manage the fast pace of the auction environment, as well deal with my crowd on a personal level, that invites them to participate.

I also work diligently on my clarity because I believe while "speed" is important in some cases, a bidder is far more likely to engage when they understand exactly what's being asked of them.  Of course, when its time to "make hay", I can get after it.

Work Experience

Jan 2001 - Oct 2017 Ritchie Bros Auctioneers Inc

Global auctioneer-  I traveled around the world conducting auctions for RBA.  In addition to our normal equipment auctions, I also conducted numerous charity auction events, as well as served as host/emcee.

Aug 1995 - Dec 2000 Southern States Vehicle Auction/ ADESA Atlanta

I conducted 3 weekly auctions, as well as led the "Auction School" before our public auctions.

Dept Manager
Aug 1993 - Dec 2000 Southern States Vehicle Auction/ ADESA Atlanta

I managed the Daimler-Chrysler Factory Dept, Transportation Dept, and Truck & Heavy Equipment Dept at different times over a 7 year period.

Aug 1995 - Oct 2020 Fuqua Auctions

I operate my own auction company.


Aug 1989 - May 1992 Auburn University
Auctioneer Pre License
Aug 1995 - Aug 1995 Missouri Auction School