Erik Graham

  • Mechanical Engineering and Organizing and Efficiency
  • Youngsville, PA, USA
  • Mar 04, 2019
As Needed Clerk Auction Set-Up Inventory Specialist Event Coordinator Moving and Transportation Specialist Auction Manager

Personal Summary

Every position I have ever had, I have found ways to make it better or more efficient if you will. Work smarter, not harder. I am a man of many talents from engineering to gardening and landscaping. I have chewed my way through hard ships over and over and will continue to do what I know how to do best. And that is make things run more smoothly, not matter the operation, trying to save time and money all along with keeping the customer in mind at the end.

Work Experience

Nov 2013 - Aug 2018 Chase Auction

Regarding just my auction house experiences:


I helped to make possible an auction every Friday night for Chase Auction.  During the actual Friday night sale, I sorted all the "no sale" items for trash, recycling and resale. Took down all the tables as the auction progressed, and helped with loading merchandise as needed, sometimes with forklift, for customers. I would also do the FFL paperwork for gun transfers. Two separate auctions occurred every Friday night, the box lot auction versus the front room auction. I would help up front as well if they were short handed. Customer service was one of our stronger points at Chase Auction. 

Weekends if needed:

For the past 4 years, we have been completely overwhelmed with merchandise. So there was a need to start working weekends, usually Saturday mornings where we would begin to setup next Fridays' sale. I would coordinate with our help and the owners to set up as much as we could in usually about 5 hours. This was also the time that we would allow customers to come in and pick up their merchandise if they could not take it home with them on Friday nights. We would focus on getting the room cleaned and swept and the rest of the garbage thrown away. Then we would set up tables filling them up by lot number and separating front room merch from box lots.


Our regular consignment drop off day. Usually if our floor is empty, we will unload the vehicles and trailers straight to a table or floor organizing the merch. This is not the case most of the time though, we would have to organize and stack the merch for upcoming sales. Sorting through the piles and separating on weekends. If we have time, we go through the box lots to find high end items for the front room auction. Clean up furniture and appliances and take bids and get the sale looking good.


Picture day mostly. Finish going through box lots. Making the sale as presentable as possible. This is hard for a lot of people and I do not understand why. I have seen countless people leave because they cannot handle it.

Any day of the week:

Go look at and perform estate clean outs. Whether we bought them outright or brought them there to consign. I would drive the box truck mostly. We have moved some amazing amounts of stuff.

Project Engineer
Jan 2015 - Dec 2018 Warren Industrial Solutions

Designed one of a kind pieces of manufacturing equipment and oversaw the process from cutting the raw material through shipping it personally to it's destination.


Computer Aided Product and System Design
Aug 2003 - May 2007 Penn College of Tech.