Kathy Fadigan

  • vintage cameras,, MCM kitchen, pop culture memorabilia
  • Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Aug 11, 2021
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Personal Summary

I am extraordinarily enthusiastic about the auction world, having just completed the Reading Area Community College Auctioneer License Certification program. After many years on the client side of the auction world, I have recently committed to a career change that will allow me to play a key role in the business side of the auction world.


As described below, my qualifications match the critical skill set you are seeking. I thrive in a fast-paced environment where I encounter new challenges on a regular basis. I am a self-starter, frequently thinking outside of the box to achieve my objectives. I possess strong leadership and problem-solving skills. Specifically, as I will explain below, my training in both auctioneering and academia provides a unique set of experiences that will support the company in meeting/exceeding its goals.


As an academic researcher and university professor, I have developed excellent organizational and communication skills. I am adept at managing large amounts of information and data via a variety of technology platforms, and I am a quick study in learning new software. I have worked on many team projects that require attention to detail, adherence to deadlines, and managing multiple tasks at once. I am also keenly aware of the importance of building strong networks and authentic partnerships with clients and community members. I enjoy and excel in the relationship-building process required in establishing long-term partnerships, striving to make each client feel that their needs are our number one priority.

While science education has been my main career path, over the past 15 years I have become increasingly more involved in the antiques and collectibles industry via public auctions. Although I do not have an art background, I am continuously building my knowledge of the field by closely following national and international auction trends and reading related publications.

I offer you over 25 years of experience educating people about a vast array of topics, an outstanding familiarity with the auction industry, an extensive history of working with diverse clients, and excellent communication and organizational skills.